1. Download App for Free

Download or open the Paydro Application downloaded through the Apple Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device

2. Register

Sign up for an account with a verified phone number or through Facebook.

3. Join

Click the banner at the bottom of the application stating that “PAYDRO IS LIVE.

4. Get a Chance to Win

You will receive a notification when the live trivia game show match begins and chance to win REAL CASH.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Paydro Live is a live trivia game show app for a chance to win REAL MONEY by answering multiple choice questions correctly.

  • No limits.

  • If you get a question wrong or don't answer in time you're automatically eliminated from the game but if you have a puso, you can miss one question in a round of PAYDRO LIVE without being eliminated. PUSO can only be used for first question up to the question before the last question. You can only use one puso per game.

  • You will receive extra lives by inviting people to play. Using your referral code for new users to download. You will receive a PUSO when they play their first game.

  • The prizes are sponsored by OVP Technologies Inc.

  • Cash Prizes can be cashed out using the Paydro app through Western Union branches nationwide instantly or through your bank account within 14 business days.

  • You will need a minimum prize balance of PHP 500.00 in your account to cash-out via Western Union, a third party service.

  • Contact support@paydro.ph with your username and wait for the team to response and investigate your issue.

For other inquires, fill-out the form and contact us.

*Contact support@paydro.ph with any issues you’re having with the service.

Having other concerns?

Contact support@paydro.ph with any issues you’re having with the service.